Eye love you Mirrors

The eyes are the window of the soul. It is also said that the heart can truly see things the things the rational mind cannot. So if love is in the air - give the gift of the "Eye Love You" Valentine Soulmirror® - these are free standing or wall mounted. These are acrylic safety mirrors with a touchy soft polymer resin frame and are available in four fabulous colours: Brown, Blue, Green and Grey.

Price: £29.95

Dimensions 12 inch diameter/302mm.

Call now on 01507 588211 or 07885 264551

Reg'd community design number 000403118-0003/us Pat. Pending.

  • Brown:   ELM/Bn
  • Blue:     ELM/Bl
  • Green:   ELM/Gn
  • Grey:     ELM/Gy
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