Interior Crafts™

Interior Crafts has been successfully designing and making bespoke furniture for the last 20 years. Clients include Top Shop, Harvey Nichols, Lynne Franks, Vivien Westwood, Calvin Klein and Count Bismark. However for the best part of 2005 Robert Lackerstein has been experimenting with the medium of glass and mirror printing. This page contains many images of past work.

Interior Crafts is now fast becoming the centre for quality, innovative printing of any image onto the front or back of glass. This can be a personal photograph or company logo, or extremely unusual images. An example of the latter is where a high resolution picture of marble or granite, once printied behind glass can be made into a clock or plasma TV surround. This method can be matched to a person's own granite or marble worktop surface. There are countless uses for this technology.

At Interior Crafts imagination knows no bounds. One of our latest products is the Square Eye TVTM or Personal Computer panel. This is a mirror panel, which at the flick of a switch becomes a TV screen. This panel can be built into kitchen splash backs, coffee tables, headboards, etc. We can also laminate most fabrics, foils and paper between glass, which can make for custom headboards, chairs, screens and panels.

In 2006 we released our Soulmirror® products: the “Soul Eye”, “Angel Eye”, “Starry Eye” and “Apple of My Eye” and the “I Love You” mirrors. These divine, unique mirrors are the very first of their kind. They are designed and hand crafted in England to an extremely high standard. They will complement all styles of domestic and commercial furniture and room settings. Various shelf and floor stands as well as wall fixings mean they can be displayed or mounted in various ingenious ways.

We all keep “An Eye on Time” and what better way to do it than with the stylish and novel Iris ClocksTM which are 12” (30.5cm) diameter with gold silver or black hands.

Another Soul Mirror product is the Iris Photo FrameTM What we “Special-Eyes” in is skilfully placing a picture of that very special loved one; be it person, pet, car, boat or house or whatever is the “Apple of Your Eye” into the center of your own unique iris image. The Iris Photo Frame is available in 12”, 16” and 24” diameters.

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