All about Robert Lackerstein®

Robert Lackerstein® Designer of the "Iris Mirror" (Soulmirror)

Robert has often been described as a natural designer. It is in his genes, so to speak; his mother having a very good eye for art and colour and his dad being a highly talented engineer. At school, Robert impressed the teachers with the speed at which he designed and made things, be it in wood, steel, stone, or many other materials.

In 1985 he set up an interior design business Interior Crafts, where Robert was responsible for all the in-house design, from lighting systems, to furniture design; wall and floor coverings to fixtures and fittings. It was not long before Robert was well established with a good reputation and high calibre clients. Interior Crafts has been successfully designing and making bespoke furniture for the past 22 years. Clients include Top Shop, Harvey Nichols, Lynne Franks, Vivien Westwood, Calvin Klein, etc.

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